Planning, Development and Implementation

Chromatic excels in analyzing problems, designing interventions, and implementing them through professionals and subject matter experts to achieve the most effective results. Its donor-friendly policies and creative implementation methods ensure success in projects. Effective communication and coordination among stakeholders and team members are essential for Chromatic’s success.

Research Services

In Research, Chromatic specializes in identifying key issues through background research, field surveys, and data collection. It has the tools to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on specific issues and topics and can generate detailed research reports for policymakers and a broader audience. Chromatic gathers information from various sources, including field data, reports, news articles, academic studies, and expert/stakeholder interviews, conducts research studies, analyzes data, and disseminates findings through various communication channels, including publications and conferences.

Policy Advocacy & Reforms

At Chromatic, we analyze the causes of a problem and develop policy-based solutions to create sustainable and enduring change. Our advocacy work promotes policy reforms that foster strong, resilient communities, ensuring current and future generations benefit from the changes we make. Laws and government regulations are essential policy mechanisms for advocating change. Our public policy advocacy raises awareness, mobilizes constituents, and attracts positive media attention.


Behavior change can be challenging, and successful implementation requires effective communication and management skills. Chromatic specializes in impactful communication and can help identify common problem areas to focus and advocate for. Chromatic offers various tools for effective communication, including a strong social media presence and connections with policymakers and the media. It has established relationships with key stakeholders, including parliamentarians, government officials, media outlets, and the community to maximize results.

Capacity Building

Chromatic offers expertise in Capacity Building by developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes, and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world. Its team of experts trains and transforms organizations and communities based on their specific requirements. A crucial aspect of Chromatic’s capacity-building process is generating and sustaining transformation over time to change mindsets and attitudes.

Social Media Monitoring

In the age of social media, organizations can use various monitoring tools to stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments, and use this knowledge to inform their social media strategy and decision-making. Chromatic has expertise and knowledge in social media monitoring and offers consulting services and training programs on the subject. The organization has the capacity to share insights and data obtained from social media monitoring with stakeholders and other relevant parties to demonstrate the value and impact of social media. Chromatic provides detailed and accurate reports on the data collected from social media monitoring, including information on mentions, engagement, sentiment, and trends which can help organizations improve and refine their digital processes by testing new tools, strategies, and tactics, and incorporating feedback from stakeholders.