About Chromatic

Chromatic is a communication-based advocacy organization

Chromatic aims to promote inclusion, peace, co-existence, accountability, and sustainable development in Pakistan.

It is a non-profit organization registered in 2019 under The Trust Act which engages all stakeholders and citizens to inspire a sense of accountability, responsibility, and positive self-reflection to create a better, more progressive Pakistan.


To own and celebrate Pakistan's diverse cultures,

ethnicities, languages, and religions while promoting peace-building, co-existence, tolerance, public health, climate change, and advocacy for the unvoiced.

Chromatic works with government institutions, national and provincial parliamentarians, print and electronic media, academia, and youth across Pakistan to initiate public and policy dialogue on democratic governance, civic and human rights, countering violent extremism, rule of law, and strengthening democratic institutions.

The organization is a movement for positive social change and plays its role in an inclusive and pluralistic Pakistan.


Adopting a rights-based approach, Chromatic empowers all citizens, including marginalized communities, to claim and realize their rights.

Chromatic emphasizes the importance of facilitating access to information and collective assessment of situations. Through communications, advocacy, campaigns, capacity development, and community engagement, Chromatic engages with stakeholders to create awareness of sensitive issues and inspire positive and progressive change.

The organization mobilizes affected people to enhance their collective power and participation in policy-making while furthering effective communication, trust, mutual accountability, and transparency to foster strong social movements and partnerships.

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